Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wax Goes Bananas

Honestly the guy Wax is just killin it here. Creativity, wit, steez, this track has got it all. And he doesnt lay off, just keeps rollin for three minutes of straight lava raps. It isnt just quirky lyrics either, the flow and delivery are right on point. He has a uniquely musical style of rappin almost lending a singing quality to the track . But he does have some truly remarkable lines. The Tourettes line openin up the jam is pure genius in my opinion. Im really intrigued about the future for Wax. Strictly a youtube rapper up until DefJam signed him this past year, he was primarily doin the funny guy rapper thing to stack millions of views with jams like "Stalkin Your Mom" and "Orphan Tears". Whether or not he hits his stride in the mainstream Im really lookin forward to hearin whats next. Im hoping for the best though, his wit and humor remind me of Eminem without the animosity, but his flow is unique. Almost reminds me of Wyclef slippin loosely from rappin to singin and back. Anyways I hope you all enjoy it. Bada BladIt!!

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