Saturday, March 13, 2010

K'naan-Wavin' Flag (Celebration Remix)


Once every four years, the world comes together for an event like no other. A truly international spectacle, for one month the world stops what it is doing to watch skilled athletes battle for the right to say that they truly are the best in the world, forever etched in both history and in the minds of millions, if not billions, worldwide. And as much as I love curling, I'm not talking about the Winter Olympics.

The World Cup is arguably the greatest spectacle on earth. Hundreds of thousands of spectators come from every part of the world to watch soccer, cheer, get rowdy, and have the time of their lives. This summer, three of my closest friends and I are lucky enough to join the crowds and are headed to South Africa. Flights have been bought, we got lucky enough to get tickets to 5 games each, and all we need is a little face paint. We're going.

No World Cup is complete without an official song, and lucky for us, this year they picked a jamandahalf for millions to sing this summer. Somali-Canadian rapper K'naan's remix to a song, Wavin' Flag, off his most recent album Troubador was chosen out of thousands of applicants. Although some criticize picking K'naan, suggesting that an African artist living in Africa would have been more appropriate, K'naan has used his music and newfound fame to highlight the ills of his country as much as any artist out there (and the song is a helluva lot better than this haha). Incorporating lyrics about the game, the song is an uplifting and joyous celebration of people. Listening to this jam, it's hard not to get excited about this summer. And while the recent Copenhagen conference on global warming and the UN would seem to prove otherwise, the World Cup reaffirms that every now and then the world can figure it out.

I can almost see it now. A sea of flags waving. Individually celebrating their own country, but together, a celebration of humanity.

Download Wavin' Flag (Celebration Remix)
Download Wavin' Flag (Original)

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  1. This second video is the LAMEST thing I have EVER SEEN!!!!! When Big Leks first showed me the song I thought it was kinda catchy, but now it has revealed itself for what it truly is: A blinding portrayal of how easy it is to take the most beautiful event in the world and make it into a whack advertisement about soda and clothes. Disgusting. and that Spanish guy is a huge koooook. This is blasphemy. I vote to take it down.

  2. And then they try to blind you with booty...typical.

  3. could be nothing more than an ad...but so was the LT shuffle, and did that take away from the brilliance of it? NO! Does the dancing and goofy spanish guy make the video unwatchable, yea, but does it make the song not a jamandahalf? NO!

  4. Well, I say... If coca cola paid to make a great song/remix, then it is within their right to deck out the video with adverts. They'd be dumb not to! You guys just need to pump your breaks, legit.


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