Thursday, July 3, 2014

Choice Nugs: Juan Cirerol

Although I am tempted to describe Juan Cirerol as a Mexican Johnny Cash stirred up with some Bob Dylanesque harmonica, Juan is his own man. He hails from Mexicali and plays Musica Norteña, which is traditional ranch music from the Mexican American border.  Nevertheless, Juan does not sing about cows.  He prefers songs about love, loneliness, and drugs. A complete singer/songwriter, Juan boasts a great voice, provocative lyrics, amazing skill on the guitar, and talent with a harmonica.  

On Saturday, I drove to Tijuana, with my friend Samalama, to see his show at the Black Box.  Before leaving, we checked Juan’s Facebook, and Twitter pages to confirm that he was going to play the show.  The day before, he posted multiple comments about having already arrived in Tijuana and his upcoming performance at the Black Box.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by bewildered concertgoers.  Why were the doors shut and ticket office closed?  A handwritten note on the venue door said that the concert was cancelled due to reasons out of the venue’s hands.  I got the feeling that this was not the first time Juan had been a no-show for his own party.  Over the past few years, he has earned quite the reputation for being a wild character

Like countless musicians before him (and despite or perhaps because of his brilliance), Juan seems to be on a path of self destruction.  I fear that he will not live to be very old. Next time he says that he is going to be in town I will be there even though I will not expect him to do the same.

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