Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joris Voorn-Ringo

Electronic music continues to grow and artists and promoters seem to be locked into the sisyphian task of summiting higher and higher peaks-bigger shows, festivals, and sounds. Within this spectacular growth, however, seems to be an almost disdain for the understated. Cruise through the Beatport Top 100 list and there's nary room for any emotion other than raging. Commercial electronic music, the type that sustains gigantic music festivals, seems to be going through its teenage years and has grown to love flashy sounds and the same bass drop. I was surprised then to hear "Ringo" by Joris Voorn, a Dutchman in a long and illustrious lineage of them, on the same Top 100 list. "Ringo" flirts with being the perfect soundtrack to your life song, a jamandahalf that combines a mellowness with a repetitive precision to it that helps frame your thoughts. It keeps your mind busy while never getting in the way and is best heard on repeat. "Ringo" harks back to the some of the more subdued Deadmau5 and Aphex Twins tracks and is a welcome breather from the last gasps of summer's largest anthems. Check it out below!

Download Here

Download Joris Voorn Ringo (Original Mix)

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