Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lupe Fiasco - Theme Music To A Drive By


Normally when the Dean of Students and ASCMC get together to try to throw a concert for the kiddies they can't help but screw it up, especially when it comes to hip hop.  Mickey Avalon played 3 unintelligible songs then peaced out.  The Federation was pretty solid until Goldie Gold punched some kid in the nose and ended that one. Ludacris, well he's got the name, and is by no means a bad rapper, but I can only hear "Move Bitch" so many times before I feel like kicking my own ass.  But this is different.

This time they didnt get a gimmick rapper, they didnt get some cat past his prime, they got Lupe.  Motha Freaking Lupe Fiasco!!!  Not to mention B.O.B. is comin through with him!!!  I still dont know if I believe it.  Arguably (and I will argue) the dopest rapper in the present moment not named Andre 3000, Lupe has been leading the new generation of hoppers ever since he came up and broke out with his first album Food and Liquor in 2006.  A coolly intelligent lyricist, Lupe defys both definition and stereotype, constantly pushing the range of his rhymes and subject matter.  While both Food and Liquor and his second album The Cool have been recognized in popular and critical circles, Lupe refuses to keep content.  Instead he has been crafting his third album, Lasers, for what seems like an eternity, releasing singles and then throwing them off the album.  When it will drop I can't tell you, but when he rips a couple of his new tracks come Friday Ill let you know how they sound.  Anyways, that brings me to the point.

To business. When Lupe opens his mouth, he boggles my mind.  No matter what it is he's rappin about, word play is second nature to Lu. The way he blends his rhymes into his flow while creating a cohesive story with critical commentary is nothing short of masterpiece art.  I'm talkin Sistine Chapple, Guernica, Starry Night.  It gets to the level where its indescribable.  Exhibit A: "Theme Music To A Drive By."  How he can hit three, four, five ryhmes, in three, four, five consecutive lines; all while holding a smooth flow and highlighting the double standards of street culture!?!?!  What is that?  Is it rap?  Is it poetry?  Its one in the same and its some of the flyest rhymin of all time.  Listen to the track.  Look at the lyrics.

    Theme Music To A Drive By  by  jamandahalf

The skills are undeniable.   My excitement for this show is uncontrollable.  I wish I could expand upon my analysis, but simply put, I just dont have the words to match his.  I guess I'll just have to let it go, and this is where you listen to the track.

Download Here

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