Friday, October 8, 2010

John Legend-Floating Away

John Legend performed last Friday at my alma mater. When I heard the news, jealousy flowed through my veins like beers do at a bar on a Madridleno Friday night, but I’m glad that my little college continues to bring in top names recently. Anything is better than Mickey Avalon and his four minute set my Freshman year. Anything is better than this.

John Legend is up there with my all-time favorites. As an artist he burst on the scene with his powerful “Ordinary People,” and is an R&B crooner with a little something for everyone. Like a reassuring back rub from a friend, listening to Legend has the magical ability to fix a day. His songs are about things which we all face in our day-to-day lives. Legend makes extraordinary music about ordinary things, getting better and better with each album.

Off of the Japan Edition of his most recent album, Evolver (no idea how I found it), Legend included a jamandahalf that has a rhythm which mimics that of our best days-uplifting, fun, and, invigorating. A victorious song, “Floating Away” showcases why I think Legend should be considered up there with some of the old-time greats. With a powerful voice that never feels forced, Legend sings about freeing himself from someone holding him down, escaping to higher heights. My favorite band sometimes says the best thing is to not know where you're going, but to head to the top. And that's what ‘Floating Away” is all about.


  1. ooh, I like! But this should honestly not be on Evolver, these kinds of songs are the reason he made a separate album with the Roots.

  2. I wouldn't necessarily agree. The sound of the legend/Roots album is very unique, and is almost all covers. This jam fits in with a lot of the music that Legend has made before-easy listen, uplifting, groovy beat. No?


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