Sunday, April 4, 2010

Xavier Rudd-Messages

After a too-long break, we're back. An extended break from these pages has rejuvenated our minds, and we got jams for days to write about. Thanks for the continued support. We love you guys.

As my college days are wrapping up, I have started to notice more and more of the small things, things which I probably would have not thought twice about a year or two back. These little things have been as trivial as going to snack and spending the next 45 minutes talking to a random stream of friends, or skateboarding across campus and saying hey to every other student and professor who I cruise past. But most striking to me, every day I realize more and more how beautiful this campus is. Whether its a sunset I see from my balcony, the way the juniper trees were waving in the outfield today at the baseball game, or the way the dusk sky frames the mountains, I am incredibly lucky to go to a school which is not only as amazing as CMC, but also to do so in such a great location.

I feel like Xavier Rudd, the Australian singer, songwriter, and one man band, could write a damn pretty song about one of these socal sunsets, watching it fall while sitting on top of our roof with Moodawg. I got into Rudd a little while back when he kept popping up on one of my Pandora playlists, and one song immediately stuck out. "Messages" starts off with Rudd crooning over simple guitar chords, setting the stage for his message of embracing nature, and protecting that which is not ours to keep, but ours to cherish. He begins by talking with us, the listener, about our changing world, and in the second verse transitions to urging us "speak out loud/of the things that you are proud" before the things we take for granted disappear.  Rudd is a champion of many causes, using his music to highlight environmentalism and aborigine rights, and "Messages" is a simple but enchanting song about appreciating, and fighting for, the beauty around us before it's gone.

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