Thursday, October 3, 2013

Haiku Salut-Watanbe

I was looking for the perfect words to describe Haiku Salut's music and was coming up blank, blank for days. After a quick Google search to learn more about this band who seem to play to different sonical rules, I found that they describe their music as "Baroque-Pop-Folktronic-Neo-Classical-Something-Or-Other". In some ways this seems just right. Haiku Salut's music is the perfect playlist to put on when you need to work/study/focus on whatever it may be that you're doing. They layer melodies on top of one another until you have a skyscraper of hodge podge sounds, but every note seems to have its exact role. The songs never linger, and often race along furiously, but at the same time they let your mind breath, giving you enough audio stimulus to be able to think while never getting in the way of what you need to be doing. Check out my favorite song from their debut album Tricolore below and buy their album here.

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