Monday, June 3, 2013

Win One Month of Spotify Premium and JamandaHalf Stickers! (Updated with a winner!)

Thanks to everyone who participated! The winner of our first raffle (picked by random), out of 135 total entries is...Miriam Psychas! Email us at for your free month of Spotify Premium. Be on the lookout for more raffles coming soon. 

Spotify and other music streaming applications have changed the way people consume music as well as the face of this blog. Coming up with the playlists for our around-the-world trip posts would have been impossible even ten short years ago and would have likely involved digging through the cruddy back alleys of sites like Kazaa (shudder). With Spotify you have the world's music at your fingerprints, and although it still has a little while to go (especially when it comes to search and organization), it's safe to say that it's changed the way that Griff and I listen to and discover music. To celebrate the end of the "trip" and the beginning of a new era for JamandaHalf, we're running a little contest to give the best that Spotify has to offer: one month of Spotify Premium, a month of unlimited ad-free music, everywhere you go (with their mobile and desktop applications). To sweeten the deal, we'll send you three JamandaHalf stickers (wherever you may be). To enter this contest, you have various options below to get "raffle" tickets by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, tweeting about this contest, writing to us about who you think should appear in the next JamandaHalf post, and adding a comment to this post. This contests runs till 5/31 and we will announce the randomly picked winner then! Enter to win in the widget below and good luck!

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