Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Choice Nugs: Skank

This post is about the dank band, Skank.  They have been putting out their good vibed reggae and mellow rock for over twenty years.  They were never my favorite band when I lived in Brazil but I seem to like them more and more.

Skank is from Belo Horizonte, which is Brazil’s third largest city.  Fortunately, when I listen to them, I often think about an epic journey that I took with Gator to BH.  However, Gator and I did not make the pilgrimage in honor of Skank.  We went to pay our radical friends a visit and we quickly discovered that BH is one of Brazil’s most fun and wild cities.  Our mates Thiago, Luiz, Matheus, Marcio and their amazing families showed us o melhor da cidade!  Our highlights included amazing family meals (a churrasco and an epic feijoada), epic Acai, enjoying um basiado na praca do papa, and a few over the top nights on the town.  My only regret is that we got our asses kicked playing footy at a local field.  I should have expected nothing less from Brazil.  Unfortunately, Skank’s music also reminds me of that fateful ass whooping.  Sometimes music can be bittersweet.

Obrigado Brasil!  Obrigado Amigos!

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