Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Blog

Hey Guys...

It was a helluva year at JamandaHalf. We started the site as a discussion about what is great music, and had a helluva time talking about and listening to really good music. We had guest contributors drop some serious musical knowledge and felt the love from so many of you. The JamandaHalf party, although late, was an epic success. We had over 8700 visitors visit these pages, and its been an honor knowing that so many of yall continue to check back so often...

That being said, we're not done, not in the least bit. JamandaHalf will keep going and going and going, but as I'm sure you have noticed, we haven't been updating too often. The end of school rained upon us projects, thesis, tests, etc, and along with graduation and family time, we've been slacking. As I write this I'm in Accra, Ghana visiting my family. This time around I got three of my best buddies here with me, including the Moodawg himself. We're going to be kicking it in Ghana for two more weeks and then are headed down to South Africa for the World Cup for five. To keep in touch with everyone we made a new blog, (inspired by a jamandahalf) and we'd love it you checked that out. Keep checking back here for jamandahalfs, because we know we can't stay away for too long.


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