Monday, September 6, 2010

Ben Harper-The Three of Us

Master lyricists have complete control over their flows. Master musicians push their instruments to the upper echelons. But only a few performers out there can make their instruments sing.

On “The Three of Us,” Ben Harper pushes his slide guitar to sing a soulful tune, a tune so beautiful that words would only weigh it down. In place of lyrics, Harper builds a canvas that we project ourselves onto. “The Three of Us” can feel as somber as any out there and can mold itself into a sorrowful lament; or its powerful picking can project confidence and inspire strength. The interplay of the two guitars towards the middle of the two and a half minute song really makes this a jamandahalf. The two guitars dance together so well, it is almost as if they are the same magical instrument; one setting the pace, the other pushing its boundaries, together holding the song in harmony.

Once I wrote a paper while listening to this song on repeat. It was hard to tell when the song began and ended and began once more. In some ways, it became a jam that we all hope for. The one that never ends.

  Ben Harper - The Three Of Us by jamsfordays

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