Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Matt & Kim-Cameras

I'm still packing for my orientation in Caceres, Spain tomorrow. Don't have time for a full post right now, but still want to give you guys something. This is the first "jamito-y-medio," Spanish for "little jamandahalf." This deserves to be up here like all other jamandahalfs, but time is tying my hands.

Matt & Kim are one of my musical guilty pleasures. I love music with a message, music with a story, music with some serious meaning; but, I also love music that's fun and makes people happy. Matt and Kim do just that. I've seen the unbelievably peppy duo play twice-once in Pitzer's annual musical festival, Kohoutek, the other at Coachella, playing in front of an audience at least a fifty times as large as the one they had on Pitzer's lawn. Both times they two were energetic with no end, and put on an incredible live show.

"Cameras," the first single off of the duo's follow-up to debut
Grand, continues the good times, but with a little more musical sophistication, with perhaps an extra layer of sonical fun. The two have progressed slightly past the simple keyboard and drums of the first album, but not too much, and promise to bring more music that I'm kinda embarrassed to like, but not really. Hope you enjoy.

Matt & Kim-Cameras ( by jamsfordays

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