Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth-King of Spain

Tapas, sangria, and churros are dancing around my head right now, grooving to the sounds of a symphony of acoustic guitars playing at the subterranean Meson de la Guittara near Plaza Mayor in Madrid. A year and a half since I left Madrid (where I studied for a semester), I’m going back to Espana (hola gordi!) on Monday, and will be teaching English in a public middle school through a Spanish government program. Maybe that’s why this song sounds so good to me right now.

The Tallest Man on Earth, real name Kristian Matsson, is a 27 year old Swede. Echoing a nasally young Bob Dylan, the TTMOE really comes into his own on his second album, The Wild Hunt, which I have been listening to nonstop since my good buddy, and one time contributor, AMitch, played me some of his tracks. A one-man band, Kristian is a master guitar player, and weaves vivid imagery in between his deft picking and powerful strumming. Like the Scandinavian countryside where I am this week, his songs are sparse, but full of life; understated, yet complex.

“King of Spain” is a joyous shout, a childish dream, a quick-paced checklist of places, things, and experiences that the young Kristian wants to see and do. A song about growing up and finding out who you are, TTMOE sings that the only difference between him and the King of Spain is a change in name, a difference in their days. Littered with images of the country, this song feels like a welcome return to a magical place.

    The Tallest Man on Earth-King Of Spain by jamsfordays

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