Sunday, December 19, 2010

Habib Koite & Bamada-Kanawa

Few things are as immediately recognizable as a jam. A book you have to read before you know whether it’s good or not, a movie usually has to finish before you can make any judgments, but a jam just feels right, the whole way through. There are few better examples of this than this jamandahalf by the outrageously talented Malian artist Habib Koite, who along with his dope band Bamada, are among the brightest stars of the vibrant Malian music scene.

The first fifteen seconds set this song up perfectly. Instruments join the song in by ones and two, harmoniously blending together to create a musical fruit smoothie, the sum much tastier than any of the individual parts. The best part of this song is how quickly it changes, its mercurial dips and dives. Each instrument is given a chance to shine, and each makes the best of their opportunity, especially Koite’s voice. Strong yet melodic, it fits seamlessly with the other instruments. Anchored by the chorus, the rest incorporates a live atmosphere, with significant instrumental breaks peppered in, ones that never drop the listener’s attention. Overall this jam is a great showcase of Malian music, a music that finds a way to create harmony between its myriad instruments without losing any of their individual shine. 

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