Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nina Simone-Feeling Good

Nina Simone's songs feel like they never have a dishonest moment in them. All of her words appear backed by real feelings, all of her stories seem like they are autobiographical. With her powerful voice capable of a wide spectrum of emotions, there are few topics where Nina does not sound completely natural and in charge. In this 1965 great off of her album I Put A Spell On You, Simone shows off both her incredible humanity with music that is instantly relatable to, but with timeless vocals that never let you forget who the singer is.

Backed by a simple horn and strings section, Simone's voice is let loose over a swinging beat. Starting over nothing but silence, she is soon joined by the instruments, both playing off of one another till the end. The song is about grasping freedom from whatever is holding you back, whether it be something monumental (Simone is likely talking about the Civil Rights movement) or something that just affects you personally. Whatever it is, she's feeling really really good with herself, freedom is hers. Like she does in our first jamandahalf, "Sinnerman," Simone lets loose at the end of this jam, busting out into a primal scat solo worthy of the eternal Louis Armstrong. Words just can't do justice to her satisfaction in this uplifting jam.

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