Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Red River

With an album filled with some songs big enough to fill a large concert hall and others that have the feeling of a campfire jam session, The Red River bring a sound that, above all, feels authentic. Sporting a revolving cast of up to ten members, anchored by lead Bill Roberts (the least rockstar name out there), each song on their terrific Little Songs About The Big Picture album is about things which are beautiful in their simplicity. I had the hardest time choosing standouts from it because so many are unique. Two favorites now include the forth song on the album, "I Will Give Thanks," which starts with a simple drum loop but immediately livens up with a rambunctious horn section that punctuates the song at various points and ends in the best sax solo this side of Slick Willy Clinton. The jam would sound right at home in a Baptist church with the brash brass reaching the farthest recesses of the steeple. "Grand Fasse" on the other hand has a sublimely raw feeling. Whether an actual live recording or not, it sways its way through life with a melancholy two-step. Both a look back on "those nights when everything felt right," and a reminder to enjoy those nights while you can, "Grand Fasse" seems almost prematurely nostalgic, which is a feeling that we all have had. While the two jams may give you a taste of the band, it's impossible to capture the entire feeling of the album through any partial number of songs I talk about. The best thing, like always, is to pick it up and give it a chance. I think the motley band from Long Beach will treat you just right. 

The Red River I Will Give Thanks

The Red River Grand Fasse

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