Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ben Harper-Don't Give Up On Me Now

Ben Harper has always had two main sounds: ones where he turns into a hard rocker, and the other, my personal favorite, his smooth jams. On his new album, Give Till It's Gone, Harper wears both hats and puts out some of his best work in years. "Don't Give Up On Me Now" is vintage Ben, a folky track driven by introspective lyrics and a sing along quality that has lacked in some of his newer music. Claremont, California's finest, Ben Harper has made a career out of exploring different styles, which for a fan is both incredibly rewarding but can also be somewhat frustrating, especially if an artist goes a direction which may not be your favorite. As the first track on the album, "Don't Give Up On Me Now" marks a return to his earlier work and after a few years pursuing a more aggressive sound with The Relentless 7, this jamandahalf is the perfect welcome back. Check out this jam and buy the album here.

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Ben Harper Don't Give Up On Me Now

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