Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beirut-A Candle's Fire

Excuse the lack of posts lately. A combination of the internet cutting in Ghana, Vodafone's terrible customer service (I ended up driving the technician to my family's house and back) and a move to Madrid caused the jams to take a back burner. Well like always, it's back to the jams.

Beirut's newest album has been the official album of the move in, and what an album it is. A great combination of experimenting with expansive sounds while still sounding deeply personal, The Rip Tide has quickly shot up my list of best albums (so far) of 2011. "A Candle's Fire" is the perfect intro song. Sonically it's gorgeous, a delicate intertwining of horns, organs, and a tuba along with the strong yet bravado free voice of Zach Condon. This jamandahalf seems to be about love overcoming self doubt, about a man who has always lived within boundaries stepping out of them with the help of someone. Enjoy the jam and thanks for coming back.

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