Monday, September 5, 2011

Tanya Stephens-It's A Pity

"It's A Pity" exudes longing like few others. On top of a grooving reggae beat mixed with some sounds that dubstep has gratuitously borrowed from, Tanya imagines a life with a man who already has a wife. "It's A Pity" sounds kinda like the Jamaican precursor to Adele's hit "Someone Like You," with Tanya Stephens smart lyrics baring her soul to this mystery man. You can picture her writing a long letter to her John Doe, with each verse varying from outright desperation to even diplomacy (Tanya admits that if she can't have him, she could share). The intensity with which Tanya delivers her lines borders on rapping and she conquers the beat like few rappers can, making it the perfect postman to deliver her letter of longing.

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Tanya Stephens It's A Pity

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