Friday, September 30, 2011

JamandaHalf-One Mo Gin

Longtime readers will have noticed that the jams haven't been coming as often as they used to/should. A move to Madrid, the start of my Master's program, and a serious job hunt (and I must admit, a lack of enthusiasm for music lately) have caused the jam river to slow to a trickle. But our 2nd year Birthday is tomorrow (whoot!) and with that comes new opportunities.

It's hard to believe that I started this little blog two years ago in my dorm room in sunny Claremont, California. I'm a long way away from there now, but this blog is even more special to me now. But like anything, it's not worth anything if it's not getting better.

First off to start a new year I'm posting an interview with the man himself, Adam Bradley, tomorrow. Distinguished Professor, noted hip-hop head, and prolific writer, Professor Bradley made a serious mark on my college career and recently hit the New York Times Bestseller's List by being a coauthor on Common's brand new memoir. To go on from there, I have a few things that I'm going to do a little differently this year:

1. Recruit new voices:If you know anyone that wants to contribute to these pages, let me know. JamandaHalf was originally supposed to be a forum where people could talk about the music they love. For that, I want anyone and everyone who wants to talk about the music that is special to them get involved.
2. A new focus: Most "big" blogs today have largely the same music, differentiated only by slight changes in genres. This year I want to continue to develop relationships with artists like Anthem, Blisses B, and J.Nolan, with a renewed focus on up and coming artists. I am also going to highlight some of the best street musicians from around Madrid who keep the metros, sidewalks, and plazas jamming. I want to be a place that you feel you need to visit a few times every week, and a place where you know the jams will be fresh and different from your little brother's favorite blog.
3. A new look: I have a redesign in the works which will make it easier for people to share music and post whenever they get the feeling.

With Moodawg unfortunately not much of a part of this blog anymore, it's time to get new voices involved. So if you or anyone you know wants to talk about music that for some reason, you just know is a jamandahalf, let me know. And if not, hope you continue coming back for only the juiciest of jams. Thanks,


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