Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Very Best feat. Baloji-Super Mom

Picture of Baloji I took at Womad Caceres 2011

Even though I, like most of yall I'm sure, go to blogs to get my music, there is still something fun about getting an email "direct" from one of your favorite artists. There's definitely a personal touch element, even though I know I'm on a list of thousands of people.

The best part about getting an email from an artist is when it's attached to free music. The Very Best continue to be among the most generous artists out there, constantly brightening up the days of their fans with a new dope song here, great mixtape there. Two days ago they sent a banging remix to a song originally on a mixtape they gave for free in early May, but this time featuring Baloji, a young Congolese rapper who I saw live at the Womad Music Festival. Though I can't understand his verse, he attacks it with the ferocity of a 2007 era Lil' Wayne, giving the upbeat jam a little bit of edge in the meantime. But like that one kinda sketchy looking dude who actually turns out to be the homie, Baloji does nothing but add to this party of a track. Check it out below.

Click here to download

The Very Best Super Mom feat Baloji

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