Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tinariwen feat. Nels Cline-Imidiwan Ma Tennam

Though I have some changes planned for this humble blog, one thing that's not going to be different is the consistent smattering of world music featured on these pages, especially from the Sahel region of West Africa. I have been drawn to this type of music (from Mali especially) since I was a young child, listening to bootleg CDs of Ali Farka Toure that my dad often played.

Born in refugee camps in Libya, Tinariwen has a sound that feels like it's been baked in the hot sands of the Sahara. The Tuareg people of West and North Africa have always been a transient people, moving with their animals in search of water. The music of Tinariwen is a mix of the best of the two regions, drawing in elements from traditional Malian sounds with sounds more typical of the Arab world. Recorded completely in a studio built in the Algerian Sahara, Tinariwen (meaning "the sands") sing the desert blues, a blues thousands of miles from the Delta region of the US where it flowered around the turn of the 20th century, but yet unmistakably the blues. Born out of hard living, the blues has been the perfect medium to transmit feelings of pain, sadness, and strength all around the world. Tinariwen are the perfect example of that.

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Tinariwen IMIDIWAN MA TENNAM (feat. Nels Cline)

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