Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Captain Cuts-Dancing With Avicii (Avicii vs. The Knocks)

Waiting for a new Captain Cuts jam is a bit like waiting for a SuperSaver package from Amazon. You know it's on the way, you just don't know exactly when it's coming. And sometimes waiting just makes it that much better. Today's jamandahalf is a mix of Avicii's unstoppable jam "Levels" and The Knock's "Dancing With The DJ" by Captain Cuts, a group including my buddy Ryan McMahon. Although a bit "lazier" than other mixes by the Capitanos, the resulting mashup is a seamless blend that is sure to get ya feeling good. Captain Cuts continues to really bring a different sound to the at time over-saturated mashup genre. They are on a roll right now and I can't wait for their upcoming mixtape. Keep em coming fellas!

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Captain Cuts Dancing With Avicii (Avicii vs. The Knocks)

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