Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anthem-Freek'n You

Anthm (previously known as Anthem) seems to be at an inflection point of his young career. Along with a recent name change (apparently due to paperwork; luckily he'll be easier to find on Google now), Anthem's online presence continues to blossom and he recently twice hit the #1 track on the Hype Machine's Twitter chart beating out much more entrenched artists like Avicii. Musically he also has been experimenting with different styles, subjects, and has been getting away from the "mold" which he fit so well in the tracks up to now. Before if I was listening to a new Anthm track (still doesn't feel right without the e) I pretty much knew what to expect (in a good way). Anthm would spit a couple of hot, smart, verses over a great beat. With Anthm's current streak of new songs leading up to the debut of his new EP (Joy&Pain coming soon!), he has lived up to what he touched on in the last interview we had. His new music continues to show off different facets of who he is, but like he told me half a year ago, "Everything that I do has to be an accurate reflection of some dimension of who I am." Check out a couple of his newer tracks below that show off different aspects of the man (along with the brand new "Freek'n You"), his first major video and into to the EP, and follow him on Twitter here

 Anthm Set by jamand1/2

Anthem - Fortuna from AMG Esquires on Vimeo.

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