Saturday, December 10, 2011

Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo-Earthquakey People (The Sequel) (Original Mix)

The picture is of an awesome Aoki shirt featured on Breaking Bad

Steve Aoki's live shows are famous across the EDM universe for, well, being alive. Hot, sweaty people, mixing with Aoki's trademark champagne showers all fueled by his relentless music are quickly becoming the stuff of legends, stories told the day after with a big grin. "Earthquakey People" is the perfect example of the fuel that Aoki uses to get his parties going, as well as the musical Red Bull you can use to get your night going on this fine December day, wherever you may be. Like the best roller coasters, Aoki knows that most of the fun comes from anticipation, and like his best songs do, this continues to build and build before deciding it's finally time to let ya get funky. Though Aoki's music isn't everyday stuff, when it works, it's undeniable. Hope this one gets your Saturday night going on the right foot.

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Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo Earthquakey People (The Sequel) (Original Mix)

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