Monday, January 30, 2012

69 Boyz & Quad City DJ's-What I Want For Christmas

Christmas 2011 is rapidly retreating into the rearview window of 2012, but it's never too early to start celebrating Christmas 2012, right? Kidding there, but Christmas more than anything is all about traditions. My family has done pretty much the same thing for every Christmas since I can remember no matter where we are, of course with a little tweak here or there. One thing that never changes is our Christmas music. My oldest sister starts blasting Christina Aguilera's My Kind of Christmas as early as possible and that is gradually joined by the Three Tenors and some traditional Finnish jams. This year a newcomer hopped on our Xmas Jam scene, on that isn't likely to leave for many many Christmases to come.

The 69 Boys and the Quad City DJ's were among the kings of 90's Southern hiphop and this song took me all the way back to 1st grade when our teacher used to make break out funky dance moves to leave class. The two supergroups take an enternal Christmas class-The Twelve Days of Christmas-and revolutionize it. Featuring dope lyrics such as "I ain't got no chocolate chips/To go along with no glass of milk/But I got some chips and dip baby!/Kool-aid to sip baby!" and "Christmas day the birth of Christ/no doubt/That's what it's all about/Lemme go head stop the beat for a sec.../Show some respect," both verses manage to combine the divine and the absurd over a beat using the best sleigh bells loop ever. So put this on, start getting pumped, because Santa Claus will eventually be coming to town again (And to think, this isn't even the greatest Christmas song ever. This is).

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