Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello, Again

It's been a looonnngggg....a long time coming but I's about damn time for a new post.

Sorry for the wait blogosphere. I've been abusing my duties here, and it's time to hop back on this horse. Why the drought? First of all, music stopped sounding good. I know that might sound kind of strange coming from a music lover, but nothing was exciting me anymore. With a couple gems I picked up from a few end-of-the-year lists, that's changed. I also have to thank going to work for getting me back in the writing mood. What? you might ask. Going to work gave me a fixed amount of time where it was just me, the music, and a bunch of strangers headed to who knows where. Starting back work after Xmas break has definitely gotten me in the mood to write about this music that makes my daily metro drudgery a little brighter. Also, and by far the biggest thing that's happened to in the last month or so, my good buddy Stan and his start-up released a music app for iOS that's been getting nothing but love and features a music list (or "playground") from this humble blog. Download it here and check out some of the best tunes we've written about from the last two years. Lastly, the video below put a huge smile on my face. The Black Stars of Ghana are among the favorites to win this year's African Nations Cup. What do they do to relieve the stress? Have a jam session.

To get out of this drought I'm going to take some advice that a good buddy of mine passed on to me many moons ago: swing away. I'll be swinging away with posts for the next couple days/weeks and so look out for a string of jams coming your way. As always, if you ever feel the urge, your posts are more than welcome. Thanks for coming back.

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