Tuesday, May 7, 2013

JamandaHalfxVagabrothers Destination 8: Rajasthan

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When you're travelling, no amount of guidebooks nor internet forums can replace the wisdom of a local. Being able to see a city through the eyes of someone who lives there gives you a different perspective than being on your own, allowing you to live the city, not just see the sights.

While Griffdawg and I can scour the internet in search of the jams that begin to define a country's musical heritage, it can't come close to someone who has lived that heritage. Today's destination is brought to you by Mrinal, a good friend I met while interning in Hyderabad, India. Currently living and working in Bangalore, Mrinal's musical wisdom runs deep. A budding musician himself, Mrinal is the drummer of Divine Raaga (check out a song from them below and an interview coming soon!), a Bangalore-based band that recently made waves in the Hard Rock Cafe's global battle of the bands, playing in the top 50 out of thousands of bands worldwide. Presenting a best-of "Indian music" playlist is impossible, as is a best of "Indian food" dinner-India's cultural, linguistic, and musical landscape is so vast that it would be impossible to define in a few songs (or plates!). Mrinal writes, "I have tried to represent (albeit its impossible) the current modern soundscape that Indian music is," and shares with us a playlist that draws from many different backgrounds, some of them quite surprising to a non-local ear. Enjoy the YouTube playlist below (as many of the songs weren't on Spotify) and let us know what you think! Thanks again Mrinal.

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