Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - Human Nature

Normally this aint my style...I swear, but really I feel compelled to throw it down for Mike J. The king of everything from pedophile jokes to pop is the all time leader in controversial conversational topics, but Im tryin to look beyond the social criticisms. Mike J has been keepin it real musically since he was rockin training wheels and that is why, in his death, I feel like its time to take a stand against the destruction of his rep. We all know the background, and we all know the jams, but it seems like over time we've forgotten some of the hidden classic joints that speckled nearly every album he put out.

The first time I heard this track Im sure I had the same reaction as you all, "What the hell is this?! Oh shit its straight Illmatic, It Aint Hard to Tell!!!" And thus I respected the track enough to listen to it. From there I discovered that, in fact, this goofy love tune is a certified R&B Jam and A Half!! Mikey has always known how to take it down right, but he captures that raw emotion and vulnerabilty in a truly specicial way. The last lick to be included on Thriller has been sampled by Nas, Blackstreet, SWV, BoyzIIMen, and has been covered by the likes of Miles Davis. So if you cant take my word for it trust my dogg Nasir. The hook just makes you wanna get your easy grind on with that special lady, and for its truly magnetic qualities Human Nature earns a spot as a jam and a half.

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