Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cœur de pirate-Comme des Enfants

Man...what can possibly follow nina and rodgab? Been mulling this for a little while, and decided to go with someone who most of you probably haven't heard before, the French-Canadian artist, Coeur de Pirate. Having just turned twenty, Coeur de Pirate, real name Beatrice Martin, blew up last year on blogs across the world with her song, Comme des Enfants...Although I'm no french major, or even a doctor, her angelic voice really uplifts the song, binding seamlessly to the simple piano harmony...The strength of her vocals, weaving between timid playfulness and full fledged power, makes the original a fun, easy listen, jam...

But the real jam and a half, and the reason for this post, is the Los Matos Andy Carmichael Remix. Playing casi nonstop in Apartment 651 G last year, this remix is a jam and a half and goes hard. Andy Carmichael somehow kept the innocence of the original, and mixed with a funky bassline and futuristic horns.... guaranteed to keep you moving time after time. Stretching the song out to a full fledged 5 minute jam and a half, Andy found a way to take something that was both so simple, but so pure, and turn into the ultimate club jam...He did what all remixes aim to do, make their song better than the original....and for this, Andy Carmichael gets the 3rd Jam and a Half...good work chief..

Download Original
Download Remix

Original Video


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