Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Calvin Harris-The Rain

After the 25 year old Calvin Harris's debut, I Created Disco, many thought that no matter what he did, he wouldn't be able to capture that unique sound again. They were wrong. His sophomore effort, Ready for the Weekend finds the young Scot perfecting his craft and sound. After the massive summer jam "I'm Not Alone," and the various remixes by some of the hottest DJs around, the hype around Calvin was huge. Full of bells, heavy 80s influence, and mean synthesizers, Calvin 2nd album weaves trance, electronic, pop, and a healthy dose of goofy to create a sound that is familiar, but striking at the same time.

I caught a Calvin Harris DJ set in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago, and was pretty disappointed...I've seen videos of his full live shows, where he has a band, and sings and all that, but the show I saw consisted of a goofy Scotsman and 2 MacBook Pros. My expectations were admittedly very high coming in, and he did manage to get the crowd hyped while mixing in some of his biggest songs (Acceptable in the 80s, You Used to Hold Me). Great crowd, solid venue, but I think everyone left wishing it had been an actual live show. And where was the Humanthesizer?

While his new album has jams for days, the one that sticks out is "The Rain." This is classic Calvin Harris. Starts out with some soul claps and a funky horn melody, quickly drops to a bass line and Calvin singing, and continues from there, grooving along until you find yourself not wanting it to end, like a great movie, or an epic Mario Kart session. With the catchiest chorus this side of YMCA, I guarantee that you will find yourself grooving to this in your room/car/taekwondo class. In fact, I can already see Kai playing this 18 times in a row on an late Saturday night....

Calvin brings fire in Ready for the Weekend, and one jam and half. "The Rain" takes it this time for being an uplifting song that brings people together, while making sure they got their twinkle toes moving. I dedicate it to the Class of 2010, cuz even though we all got a million things going on right now, it might be a good thing to take a seat and smile; everything will be alright...

As always, here is a Download Link and the youtube clip is below. I also added two pictures and a video from the show.

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