Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jimi Hendrix - Red House

It has been brought to the attention of myself and the big man that while we are postin dope songs there has been a serious under representation of the electric guitar. So what better way to rep the most recognizable instrument in modern music than with an all time classic. Widely (though certainly not universally) regarded as the greatest guitar player to ever live, Jimi had not only one of the most unique sounds but also styles ever played. Growing up in Seattle the lefty simply took his Supro Ozark, flipped it upside down, started wailing, and never stopped. As Hendrix taught himself to play he developed an unprecedented style nearly impossible to duplicate.

While Jimi's tale took a number of incredible twists on its way to an all too early end, that is a story unto itself. This is simply about a song. A song thats sings the soul of the man himself. Its a blues song and as Jimi sings, lord mercy does that guitar weep. The slow and heavy rythms just set James up to spark the guitar and let the fire speak for itself. It builds, and builds, just pourin on the sauce until Jimi lets you know whats comin, and then lights it. And that my friends is like watching lightning strike, like watching a falling star streak the sky. He tells a story with his solos that doesnt need words, each note is so descriptive that it fills you with emotion. And every string comes off so clean that you understand his meaning just by listening to how he bends each note. So, sit back, turn up the volume as loud as youre comfortable with, and enjoy. I threw in a live clip so you could see the man in action (not to mention one of the funnier hippies of all time on the bongos).

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