Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Boi-Shine Blockas

We all got them....They creep up on us...sneankily weaving their way into our headphones...coming on at a party after we've had a couple drinks, playing across your dorm hall...They are there, and no matter how hard you try to deny it, they are jams....jams and a halfs.....maybe even a couple jam and three quarters...naw, that aint even possible.

No matter how much of a music purist/snob you are, everyone's got their guilty pleasures. Those songs/artists that you don't like telling people about. The ones that you listen to with the windows closed and the blinds drawn. But here at Jam and a Half, we're advocating a revolution in music. Sing the music you love. Dance to the songs that everyone else hates. Hype jams even when the world questions...Because in the end, being a jam and a half is not about what Frank your local pizza delivery guy is jamming to, its about what you're feeling in that moment. I'll be the first one to announce that I do, in fact, sometimes like listening to Enya...Moose has an affliction for the sappiest of John Denver songs. There. We said it. That feels good.

This new Jam and a Half comes off of Big Boi's often often delayed solo album, the geniusly titled "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty." On the first listen, Shine Blockas was a disappointment; Big Boi's lyrics don't bite too hard and Gucci Mane continues to sound mediocre....but don't stop there! Give it another run through....feels a little better huh....I've been jamming to this now for about two weeks, and it feels goooodd. Over a Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes' "I Miss You" sample turned into a beat that drips with soul and swag, Big Boi and Gucci both kill this song. Big Boi, who still has the same mean flow that he did back in the day, is out to show that he deserves his spot as one of the best rappers alive....This jam definitely has it. It has the cool confidence of a rapper who's made it, but is still testing the limits of his talent. It's got a hot new rapper showing that he can keep up with the old guns, and maybe one day be able to teach a young gun the ropes. It's got everything needed to be one of the hottest rap songs of 2009, and could very well take the crown. While I didn't want to admit it at first, "Shine Blockas" is the jam and a half. (Hit read more for a picture that's guaranteed to make you laugh)

 01 Shine Blockas f. Gucci Mane by jamandahalf 

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