Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tweedy Covers Dylan

We got to keep the jams coming and have a lot of buddies who got some serious musical knowledge. Our good buddy Amitch will be providing you guys with a slightly different taste in music along with a generous side of biting wit. See his hilarious Dear Amitch column at

The Legendary Bob Dylan has had countless numbers of people cover his original music, ranging from the crisp cutting vinyl of Joan Baez to the eerily familiar rasp Jeff Tweedy gives A Simple Twist of Fate. Tweedy covers A Simple Twist of Fate for the original soundrack of the Dylan documentary I’m Not There. In Tweedy’s version, deep bass fills the empty hallway of Dylan’s old recording and violins fit eloquently in place of his rustic harmonica. Tweedy pumps Dylan’s lyrics with epic soul, fit for a tremendous score.

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