Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bob Marley-Acoustic Medley

We've been online for a couple months now, aiming to bring you a eclectic taste of our (and our buddies') favorite music. We've posted about obscure artists and some more mainstream ones across lots of genres. But one artist that we have somehow managed to not post about despite listening to almost everyday is the great Bob Marley.

With a discography as deep and rich as Bob's, everyone has a favorite song. Bob really has jams for days and days and days, and although some of them are overplayed, none of them has become cliche. Marley's timeless music will likely stand as a pinnacle of a genre. No matter how many artists try, no one will ever match the elegance of Bob.

Although I could write jamandahalfs on almost all of his songs, the Acoustic Medley found on Sounds of Freedom is a personal favorite of mine. Going through seven songs, "Guava Jelly/This Train/Cornerstone/Comma Comma/Dewdrops/Stir It Up/I'm Hurting Inside," showcasing some of his lesser known songs (other than Stir It Up), Bob gives the listener a private concert for over 12 minutes. Over a simple guitar riff Bob shows what a master he really was, whether singing about redemption (This Train) or crooning a simple love song (Guava Jelly). Bob's vision and lyrics are spotlighted without the backdrop of his normal band and shine brighter than ever. 

Download Here

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