Saturday, January 23, 2010

Felt-Dirty Girl

My buddy, and fellow wannabe Madrileno, Aleks is a big fan of jamanadahalf, and like we recommend all of yall to do, decided to write up one of his favorites. Thanks a lot Aleks, and I hope you keep them coming...

Murs and Slug, known as kingpins of underground hip-hop, were on tour driving from Oregon to San Fran back in 2001 when a heated discussion broke out about who had the better chance of getting with actress Lisa Bonet.  The argument lasted for a long stretch of the 5 freeway and continued while the tour van pulled into a gas station.  In the Shell's bathroom, while in two seperate stalls, Murs and Slug decided to make a record dedicated to Lisa Bonet with the hopes that one of them would ultimately get to seal the deal with Lisa -may the best MC win.

And so began one of the best collaborations in hip-hop today.  Murs (of Living Legends fame) and Slug (1/2 of Atmosphere) formed the group Felt and released Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci back in 04 (similar competition here).  A year later the group brought in Ant (2/2 of Atmosphere) to produce their second album dedicated to Lisa Bonet.  Did either of them seal the deal with Lisa? Who knows.  But with Ant on the beats, the group came up with a song so good that both of them ought to be worthy of the honor.  Ant's funk-infused indie beat literally 
makes your head bob and provides the backdrop for Slug and Murs to rhyme about how they each fell for some "dirty girls."  With slick flows, the two MC's recreate the scene so vividly that you don't even need an imagination to close your eyes and picture this girl's "3 dots tatto'ed between her thumb and her index, 24 waist held the holster for the windex."  Slug's verse reaffirms him as the best white rapper not named Marshall (sorry Asher Roth) and Murs' verse will make any carnivore want to drive 30 minutes outta town for the best veggie burgers around.  Ant's beat can best be described as simply, infectious and together, they make for a certified jam and a half.

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