Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gimmie What You Got - St. Lunatics

This post goes out to the cat who hollered at us through the chat window to throw some love to the lunatics for this classic jam, and I couldnt agree more.  Some songs take you right to the roots of the artist, make you feel who they are, where theyre from, how they feel.  Gimmie What You Got takes you back to St Louis circa 96, when the Lunatics were holdin it down locally as a group of kids that were just comin up.  This was before Nelly blew up, before Murphy Lee was puttin out whack solo albums, even before City Spud got put in prison for a decade.  This was when they were simply reppin their city and their style with nothing to lose.  And you can feel the authenticity.

Each members verse compliments the others filling the song with a diversity of rhyme styles and flows, but the combination is so fluid and natural it leaves the track live with energy.  You can feel more than just the passion of the group, you can feel the fun that they had cookin the jam up.  The content is genuine, the style fresh, the sound great, and I dont even have to mention the killer hook.  Put all these things together and you got a classic rap song, and a true JamandaHalf.

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