Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome Claremont Currents

Just wanted to give a big hello to everyone coming in from Claremont Currents (if you haven't checked it out yet, click here for all your 5C news)...The Mooman and myself started this little blog back in late September as a way to talk about our favorite music. We've had a damn good time talking about some of our favorite jams on here, and have had guest bloggers writing about songs from artists like Big L to subjects like the world's first music video (scroll down to find who was in it).

This site is all about the "jam and a half." Those songs that are for whatever reason a cut above the rest. From the first post, a jamandahalf is:

"... a song that at one point in time, something, for some reason, made it a jam and a half. You never know when it might hit. It might have been the studying for an exam and hearing a lost gem on your ipod, could be that one song that you wake up to singing, could be something that you hear moose yodeling in the shower and look up on Youtube. Doesn't matter where it's from, where you hear it, or why you're feeling it at that point in time. But once it's been deemed a "jam and a half," it will forever be a "jam and a half."

We'd like this site to be a conversation about good music. If you want to post, or have any ideas, write them in the chat box to the right, or email us at Check out our archives for some great music (at least to our ears) and keep checking back for new songs and new funkiness. 

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