Saturday, February 20, 2010

Young MC - Bust A Move


There was once a time, some call it the late 80s, when the future of the rap game lay itself down to rest in the hands of up and coming rapper/writer Young MC.  He had already penned the popular classics "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina" for his homie Tone Loc, and his own debut album was highly anticipated.  Thats when Young knew he had to elevate his game: he brought in the transcendental talent of Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea, and included some ethereal vocals from Crystal Blake on what would be his first single... "Bust A Move". 

What ensued was a jam so impossibly smooth that it could not be stopped.  Not until it could start every party, not until it could top every chart, not until it pulled down hip hops ultimate prize...respect.  Young rolls on the beat sticking tightly to his flow helping to create a building up effect on each verse.  Young's mastery of rhythm allows him to explore the same cadence with different rhymes the whole song through, providing fresh and hilarious images (well portrayed by the video) throughout. In a way "Bust A Move" was more than just inspiration to holler at that girl, it was the battle cry for Young, it was his time to bust a move and solidify himself as a great rapper.  The beginning of a great career.

We should celebrate this Jam and a Half, this spark, for the great track that it is.  That initial spark that may have burned a little too bright.  I dont blame Young, its clear that his rhyming skill was of the top tier, but the direction that hip hop was moving was away from his lighthearted party style.  The 90's became the era of gangster rap, at least in the popular venue, and Young could never duplicate the incredible success of "Bust A Move".  However, we should never forget the serious talent of Young MC, a man who didn't need a false persona, didn't need graphic lyrics, didn't need anything but a funky beat to shoot the gift like a master.

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