Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Band - It Makes No Difference


Well its been a cool minute since I dropped my last post so I figured I would take it way back.  The Band, not to be confused with Da Band, are a great example of true rock and roll.  A sound born from blues and country, they never got the popular acclaim that their talent deserved, but in a way that just suits their style.  The Band got started playing back up for Ronny Hawkins, after which amidst searching for their own identity,  Bob Dylan recruited them to play behind him on his '65 and '66 tours.  When they did step out on their own, the name The Band seemed only appropriate as thats what they had been called for years playing behind Hawkins and Dylan.

It Makes No Difference isn't the most characteristic Band song, other than the fact that it emanates soul and flavor, but it does show the incredible range of the band.  Makes No Difference is like a 1960s power ballad, but Rick Danko's metaphors come out strong, smooth, and with so much emotion that its infections.  The Band was introduced to me when my pops showed me The Last Waltz, a Martin Scorsese flic of The Band's last concert in 1978.  Probably the greatest concert movie ever made and certainly the best produced, the Waltz takes you on the journey of the band while kickin some of their dopest cuts.  The show has jams for days but it always seems like Makes No Difference gets sung the loudest regardless of who I watch it with...or maybe I just have a voice that carries.  Either way Marty cut out a verse from the song so Im puttin up the film version and the full version.  Enjoy.

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