Friday, August 27, 2010

The Chairmen of the Board - Give Me Just a Little More Time

Jam and a Half is all about feeling passionate about music.  And nothing makes me feel the fire of inspiration like someone who is jammin straight from the heart.  While The Chairmen of the Board may have been conceived by record company execs to pump out glossy hits, there is nothing phony about this classic track.  The soul quartet made up of General Norman Johnson, Eddie Custis, Danny Woods, and Harrison Kennedy put out a number of albums throughout the 70's, but it was their 1969 hit "Give Me Just a Little More Time" that has proven to be an all time golden jam.

Something in the voice of that General Johnson just gets stuck in your chest and it seems as though the only relief is to wail the chorus as loud as you can.  The General's pained moan is heartbreak and you cant help but empathize with the hiccuping hero.  My homie Lew Dogg called it desperation.  Dripping on every line.  It twists his voice until hes squealing on the mic.  And the band plays something grand enough to match.  Tight knit sound, full compliment of horns, steadyrockin baseline, and keys to match. Simply known as The Funky Brothers, they lived up to the billing.  The outro breakdown comes in too silky accompanied with the key rasta brrrrraAAA!!!  This jam is a personal favorite and I know many cats who claim the same.

  Give Me Just A Little More Time by jamandahalf

Much love



  1. MOO this is my jam and you know this. Love you buddy, I'll send in a post before Monday.

  2. look closely...general norman johnson circa 1969 is.....ronaldinho! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  4. Ains you snooze you loose brother! You took the time to school me, how you gonna leave everybody else hangin? Im gonna steal the rest of your classics if you dont get on it.


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