Wednesday, August 25, 2010


They say smell is the strongest scent. I say bullshit. Hearing familiar sounds, comforting voices, music, has the power to instantly take you back to vivid memories, and reminds you of the feelings, the people, and the energy of those memories more than any other scent. This JamandaHalf had that power over my good buddy Kai, who on our long drives through South Africa, was guaranteed to do two things: ball that jack no matter how far our destination while being the best damn driver around, and tell us the same story over and over again when this song came on. The drop of the synth and the cow bell(?) would make Kai’s eyes glaze over and take him back to sweaty dance parties in his living room last year, which always seemed to full of gorgeous woman, few clothes, and this solid gold Jamandahalf by Yeasayer.

Yeasayer is a band from Brooklyn, a hotbed of indie rock with bands like Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, and Dirty Projectors all calling it their home. With their debut album All Hour Cymbals, Yeasayer introduced themselves to the world in 2007, and their second album Odd Blood  followed up in 2010. Odd Blood is a personal favorite, and mixes psychedelic sounds with Middle Eastern leanings into complex sound layers that always hold something more. “ONE” is a song of addiction, whether it be to a woman or to a substance, and is a sonic feast. A horn here, a piano loop there, synth galore, a deep bass, all combine to create something electric and eclectic. For a song with darker undertones, ONE is incredibly jubilant, and ends as a triumph over past battles. Listen to this loud on your headphones or bump it at your next sweaty dance party. It’ll sound different, but no matter your medium, it’s a jamandahalf. 

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