Monday, August 23, 2010

Yolanda Be Cool-We No Speak Americano

Writing to us from Spain, a country that knows how to enjoy itself like no other (and Leks' home in a few weeks), Kyle wants to share a little European flavor after being in the continent over the summer. A first time writer, one of Gator's best buddies, and a good homie of Moose and mines, welcome Kyle, and we hope to hear more from you soon. Moose, get your dancing shoes.

Hello Moose, Leks, and all-

Big fan of Jamandahalf, first time writer. Having spent nearly 3 awesome months galavanting across Europe, I have run into several epic tunes that can only be labeled awesomely Euro. I heard your call and one song rang true in my mind. After some diligent research I discovered that this jam topped the charts in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom-- might as well just say, Europe. 

Spawned by an underground indie funk group, comes the undisputed number one Euro club banger of the summer, "We No Speak Americano." The brainchild of Aussie duo Yolanda Be Cool, in collaboration with producer DCUP, "We No Speak Americano" embodies all that is expected from a topcharting Eurojam.
What elevates this jam to a jamandahalf is its undeniably groovy hook which happens to be a sample from the 50's hit entitled, "Tu vuò fà l'americano" by Renato Carosone. The Aussie tagteam then did what they do best and added a sick beat with appropriately thumping levels of bass. Do yourself a favor and don't listen to this jamandahalf without a sub. It's just not the same. In the words of Leks, "I can tell why it swept across Europe-funky bass line, catchy sample, danceability levels off the charts." I'd say truer words have yet to be spoken. 

In my travels this summer this song was bumped in the best beachfront clubs in Barca, the not-surprisingly lavish gay pride festival and coffeeshops of Amsterdam, the biggest beerhall in Munich, the elevator up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Tiesto even saw fit to sample it in Ibiza. Literally everwhere. 

By now hundreds of DJs have hopped on and remixed this song, but the original still rings true to me. It was the jam of the summer here in Europe, hope you enjoy, "We No Speak Americano." 


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