Tuesday, November 23, 2010

El Guincho-Bombay

I'm teaching English in a small town in Spain called Don Benito, which so far has meant teaching my students through Ben Harper and Tallest Man on Earth Songs, the movie The Godfather, and telling them about our goofy traditions during Halloween and Thanksgiving. Not the roughest spot to be in, I know. I've grown to really like Don Benito, but there is one thing I will never, ever, grown fond of: men driving through the small streets of DB bumping the worst possible reggaeton and house at all hours. My students' music tastes also are infected by awful American pop, but luckily there is some really good music being made in Spain, including the artist behind this jamandahalf, El Guincho.

Like a Spanish Calvin Harris, El Guincho both produces and sings, but most of all gets really funky on his tracks. Influenced by a wide variety of genres as far reaching as Caribbeana to trance, El Guincho's songs are a mix of old and new, traditional and modern. There is something undeniably fresh about his music, something that stands out, something about it that I have never heard from any artist before. "Bombay" the first single off of his sophomore album Pop Negro is a great introduction to his music. Over a relentless beat, spiced with the funkiest steel drums this side of my 4th grade music class, El Guincho has made a track that is instantly infectious. This song moves with a spirit that connects Latin America and Spain-the spirit of knowing how to enjoy life. Enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments.

 El Guincho-Bombay (Jamandahalf.com) by jamand1/2

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