Thursday, November 25, 2010

JamandaHalf Presents: The Tees

Big things are happening here at, and we're both really excited to finally be ready with this. This has been in the works for months, and here it is. We have two dope tees ready to be worn wherever you're bumping your jamandahalfs. Designed by two of our buddies (keeping it in the family) these are some of the flyest tees I've seen in a while, and I think you'll agree. Both shirts can be ordered in any color you want, and we're not making a cent off of this. We just think these are super dope tees and want people all over the world rocking them. Link for the Store

Shirt 1: Jammin Daliphant

Taking Salvador Dali's famous "Elephants" painting to the Jamuniverse, we bring you the Jammin Daliphant. Designed by AMitch (, this shirt will keep ya looking fly from Barcelona to LA. Bigger pic here

Shirt 2: The Holy Jam Session

Sometimes you just gotta put on the biggest headphones you own and jam for days, like Ganesh here, who's jamming like only a holy elephant can. Look good while you're listening to your favorite jamandahalfs, in this shirt designed my good buddy Darrell ( Under Construction). Bigger pic here

We really hope you like them. If you want to buy them click here. They are only $10 each, get them while you can.

Leks and Moodawg

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