Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coeur de Pirate-Intermission

Sometimes we all need a minute to catch our breaths. Life seems like it has the habit of moving exceedingly fast when it wants to, and the past six months since graduation have been a brightly kaleidoscopic blur of people, faces, and great times. But a blur nonetheless. I find that its always helpful every now and then to look at where I am from the point of view of me telling someone what I am doing now and why I am doing it. Music always helps me get my mind right, and the aptly named "Intermission" by personal favorite Coeur de Pirate is the perfect thinking track. Put this one on repeat and try guessing where it ends and where it begins; pretty hard aint it. Better yet, put this on repeat and just think for a minute. Or three.

 Coeur De Pirate - Intermission ( by jamand1/2

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