Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wintersleep-Miasmal Smoke & The Yellow Bellied Freaks

Ride with this one. Wintersleep's "Miasmal Smoke & The Yellow Bellied Freaks" is an odyssey of a song. Starting off with a haunting guitar loop it builds and builds and builds, sometimes dropping out, sometimes teasing you with a glimpse of a guitar roar, but all the time building. Quickly prefaced with a short breather, at 2:26 all hell seems to break out, and the song takes on a completely different feel. With a new loop setting the pace, this jam finally hits a crescendo and truly comes alive, exploding in euphoric energy. When the energy tsunami finally stops, it comes at the perfect moment-anymore and your speakers/headphones/neighbor would have likely burst. An incredible rich sonical experience, this is a jam that begs to be seen live. While vigorous, it never sounds overly aggressive, instead it takes you on a wild voyage of sounds and movements, and provides the perfect bookend to a great album.

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