Monday, March 14, 2011

David Wonder & 9th Wonder-What Did I Do

David Banner is nothing if not complex. Despite multiple albums, a true gem of poetic introspection, a complete sell out of a club record, and pretty much everything in between, Banner never has seemed completely comfortable on any of his records, perhaps torn between a common rapper dilemma-making music that sells vs. making music that vibes (ie, the newest Lupe record). With the producer 9th Wonder providing the page to project his thoughts, David Banner truly seems to have permanently found a voice which has been tantalizing fans like myself since I first heard of the Mississippi rapper/producer in '03. 

On a classic 9th Wonder track with a repetitive sample anchoring a track with an expansive NY sound, Banner flows about the pain of a woman leaving him. With his trademark relentless energy, Banner flies through the downs of his life with the woman, detailing each one with painful honesty. With 9th Wonder on the beat, Banner has both quit his usual producer duties while swapping a very Down South sound for a more North-East flavor. But giving up the reins has allowed Banner to focus on channeling his passion into his lyrics, and this throw away track from the collabo album Death of a Pop Star soars because of that, baring an honesty which is rare in most music today, and not just hip-hop. 

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