Thursday, March 10, 2011

Victor Deme-Djon Maya

There is something beautifully simplistic about this song. While some songs on this blog need modern studios to help maximize the beginning product to turn them into jamandahalfs, this one takes it back a little bit. Listening to Victor Deme's (from Burkina Faso) "Djon Maya" is almost like getting a glimpse at the hidden beating heart of music-just one guy jamming away, singing his soul to an audience of only his guitar. Featured on the magnificent Africa-50 Years of Music compilation, "Djon Maya" is kinda what this little blog is all about. Although I can't understand the words, I can clearly recognize the passion and emotion in Victor Deme's voice. Although I can't play the guitar, I immediately appreciate hearing a master at work. And although I'm no musical technician, the song just sounds right. It took 46 years for the Burkinabe to release his first album, but with such a gorgeous sound, sometimes you just have to feel lucky that he wasn't kept a secret forever.

 Victor Deme-Djon Maya ( by jammininthenameof

Victor Deme - Djon Maya (Official Video) por skidoo

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